Last version

October 10, 2019

Hi all,

Yes, you read that right: last version, not latest version.

Yesterday I released Mail Redirect 0.10.5, which may very well be the last version of Mail Redirect, at least in this form. The version contains some small bug fixes, with relation to compatibility with other extensions, Cardbook and Thunderbird Conversations to be precise.

I already started trying to make Mail Redirect compatible with Thunderbird 71.0a1, when the Thunderbird developers announced that support traditional XUL-overlay add-ons, which Mail Redirect is, will be dropped in Thunderbird 72. This means that any effort I put in the add-on now with relation to compatibility with future Thunderbird versions will stop working in a month or so, so that won’t do any good.

The good thing is that XUL-overlay add-ons will beep working in this major ESR-release, so Mail Redirect 0.10.5 willΒ  keep on working in Thunderbird 68., and will only stop working in Daily and Beta and in the next major Thunderbird release 76, which is planned to be released somewhere in july, I think.

I haven’t decided what to do with Mail Redirect. In order to keep on working in Thunderbird 72+, I need to convert it to a WebExtension Experiment, but that will be a major rewrite and the future of WebExtension Experiments isn’t clear either. Thunderbird developers indicated that support for WebExtension Experiments will also be dropped somewhere in the future, so I’m not quite convinced yet that it will be worth the effort.

Maybe I can work with Thunderbird developers to get the function to redirect messages finally in Thunderbird core. If not, I’m afraid this nice functionality will go to waste.

Thank you all for using this extension.


P.S. Donations are still welcome πŸ˜‰


September 14, 2019

Because I always seem to forget one step or another when creating a new version of my add-on, I decided this time to make myself a nice checklist. Let’s hope that when I find out I forgot something this time too, I remember to update the checklist πŸ™‚

β˜‘ Fix bug or implement a new feature.
β˜‘ Update status of tickets on SourceForge.
β˜‘ Git push the changes to SourceForge and GitHub.
β˜‘ Document the changes in the release notes and in the version history.
β˜‘ Upload alpha/beta version to BabelZilla and Crowdin so localizers can translate it.
β˜‘ Create screenshots showing where new strings are used to help localizers and upload them to Crowdin.
β˜‘ Verify that the new version works as expected Windows, Linux and Mac.
β˜‘ Verify that the new version works in the latest Thunderbird and is also compatible with older versions.
β˜‘ Verify that the new version works in the latest SeaMonkey and is also compatible with older versions.
β˜‘ Verify that I have downloaded and merged all language changes and synchronize them also on BabelZilla and Crowdin.
β˜‘ Verify that all strings in all languages are localized and if not, urge localizers to do so.
β˜‘ Decide on the version number of the new version x.y.z. Only bug fixes? Increase z. New function? Increase y.
β˜‘ Finalize the release notes and version history and update the compatibility info.
β˜‘ Build the new version for SourceForge and for
β˜‘ Generate sha256 checksum and gpg signature for the new version for SourceForge.
β˜‘ Git push the new version and gpg signature to SourceForge.
β˜‘ Upload the new version to SourceForge and move old version to archive.
β˜‘ Wait a bit until the new version has been copied to SourceForge’s mirrors and shows up as the latest version.
β˜‘ Update the website with the release notes, version history, new download link, and auto update information.
β˜‘ Verify that auto update from older versions of Mail Redirect to new version works.
β˜‘ Register the new version on SourceForge’s ticket system, close the old version and create a new target version.
β˜‘ Git push the website to SourceForge to save version history.
β˜‘ Draft the release also on GitHub and make it available.
β˜‘ Write a message to the mailing list to tell people about the new release, functions, and bug fixes.
β˜‘ Do the same in a blog post.
β˜‘ Wait a bit for reactions.
β˜‘ Submit the new version of Mail Redirect to the review queue of
β˜‘ Keep fingers crossed that it isn’t automatically rejected by the automatic validation process because of an error I made.
β˜‘ Wait a couple of days before the add-on is reviewed and accepted by one of the volunteer reviewers.
β˜‘ Wait a couple of more days and ping a volunteer reviewer on irc and ask him/her to review my add-on.
β˜‘ Keep an eye on the download and usage statistics to see the uptake of the new version and wonder about how many people are still using an older version even though Mail Redirect is backwards compatible.
☐ Ask for donations to support the continued development show how happy you are to use this add-on.


June 28, 2018

No, I didn’t put Mozilla out with the garbage.


I only put my Mozilla stickers out on the garbage, so I can more easily recognize my trash bin when recollecting it after dark…


Add-On Bracelet

October 3, 2017

My 14-year-old son bought a 3D-Printer from the money he earned with his newspaper job and he made me this bracelet.

add-on bracelet

It suits me well, since I develop the add-on extension Mail Redirect for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. If you are interested, here is a picture I took from the bead design, but I can probably also ask my son to publish it somewhere, if there’s demand for it…

bead design

August 2, 2017 is a file in the TOPSRCDIR. The file name is incorrectly capitalized in the title of this article due to technical limitations in the software which powers this blog.

Until now I always typed the command python checkout to update my local version of mozilla-central, as described here. I just now realized that is a script in the current directory and that this file would most probably contain a magic header line, so I can just type ./ checkout. Hurray, that saves me some keystrokes every time I want to update mozilla-central. Of course I can also create an alias to even have to type less, but this is a nice start.

Hello world!

November 28, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!